Whether you’re searching for a new career opportunity, looking to expand your role at your current company or need guidance through a challenging work situation, mentors can be a great resource for professionals at any level. Research shows that mentoring has been associated with higher job satisfaction, higher promotion rates, higher future income and increased work success. Furthermore, learning from a successful mentor can also increase your professional abilities and confidence in the workplace.

Through my role as an executive search consultant, I’ve found there are three reasons why every professional should consider having a mentor:

Help you to define and achieve your career goals. Mentors can help you articulate your career aspirations and create a plan to assist you in achieving those goals. In addition, they can help you stay focused and on track, providing you with a certain level of accountability.

Expand your professional network. As with any professional relationship, you can leverage your mentor’s connections and resources. Their network can open doors of opportunity, especially if they work in your specific job field.

Provide a new perspective for you. Mentors are removed from the situation and can provide a fresh, unbiased perspective. In most cases, these individuals have more years of experience and can leverage their own successes and failures to guide and advise you through difficult situations and decisions.

As an executive search consultant, I consider myself not only a partner for my candidates throughout the job search process, but also a mentor to help guide and coach them as they advance to the next step in their careers. I’ve seen first-hand the benefits of having a mentor and encourage every professional to seek out an advisor to assist you in navigating your career.