Successful recruiters have the right combination of confidence, ambition, and personality. Out of all these skills, confidence is what differentiates the excellent from the good. I’ve been in the industry for over 25 years, and confidence has been crucial to my career trajectory.

I once worked with a Senior Vice President, Human Resources, for global manufacturing company who had been looking to fill a very high level and difficult position for over six months. After understanding the challenge of filling this position and hearing her frustration and anxiousness, I boldly asked for a $25,000 container, so that I could clear my desk and focus exclusively on this search. My confidence in conducting this search to find the best candidate for this client prevailed over my nerves. I sat there quietly and waited for about 20 seconds of total silence until the client responded. The client agreed to pay the retainer for this search at a fee of 25% of total compensation. The was the largest container that I had ever requested and received! We went on to build a very strong business relationship, where I was trusted to fill several high level searches in forthcoming years. I now know, that there’s no substitute for having the confidence to put my best self forward for my clients!

Tips to Increase Confidence as a Recruiter

Here are three confident rules I live by:

  • Be confident to ask! Exceptional recruiters are very gifted with asking questions that may feel difficult at first, but become easier over time. These uncomfortable questions allow recruiters to obtain critical information from the client and the candidate that is important to the success of the search.
  • Be confident to put others at ease. Exceptional recruiters absolutely love working with a diverse population of people. They feel comfortable communicating with all types of people, regardless of race, sexual preference, levels/statue, income, educational achievement, etc. Your confidence shows when you’re able to lead a conversation and not suffer from too many “awkward moments.”
  • Be confident to do more. Confident recruiters have excellent follow-up and follow-through skills. They do their absolute best to deliver a promised action item before the due date, and well beyond others’ expectations. Great recruiters also go the extra mile to show that they care about the relationship. They don’t just treat clients or candidates as just a “transaction”.

To develop confidence skills, I’ve found it’s essential to learn this profession inside and out. Be the go-to person who speaks intelligently with facts, not fluff. Learn everything you can about the company and the types of jobs that you are recruiting for in the market. Plan your work, then work your plan!

Show YOUR CONFIDENCE in everything you do….today, tomorrow and for the rest of your career!