When recruiting in the digital world, it’s important to go beyond standard websites and job boards in order to find qualified leads that aren’t as obvious.

In today’s social media-driven world, it’s easy for recruiters to rely heavily or solely on sites such as LinkedIn and ZoomInfo to acquire leads. Oftentimes, recruiters neglect to utilize more “traditional” methods of sourcing talent. Throughout my 20 years as an Executive Recruiter, I’ve learned several multifaceted lead capturing techniques to implement when searching for the most high-caliber talent and industry leaders. As technology has steadily progressed year over year, I’ve found there are still several methods to identify and network with top candidates versus today’s norm of social media sites and job boards to create meaningful connections.

Industry Events: Attending industry networking events is a strategic way to connect with potential candidates and clients. Usually, these events attract high-performing professionals within a defined industry who portray the characteristics of thought leaders and play a crucial role within their organization. These events give attendees the opportunity to converse fact-to-face and create personal connections with each other, which can be challenging to gain from your typical job boards or social media platforms. Try getting involved with a relevant organization in your area and try to attend at least one industry event per month to grow your network base.

Blogs: Be sure you are following blogs that pertain to certain industry topics or that continue to contribute to your expertise. Leave insightful comments to create rapport, and be proactive with initiating a conversation. In doing so, you can build credibility and begin dialogue with potential candidates, which in-turn can lead to stronger relationships down the road.

Referrals: Your past candidates are invaluable and play a key part in searching for your next professional to fill a critical position. Be sure to stay in touch with previous candidates beyond their placement. Finding someone through a referral can also help ensure they stay in the position longer, are easier to hire and at times, can allow for a faster hiring timeline.

Recruiting is a relationship-driven industry, and successful recruiters must rely on more than job boards and social media to connect personally with candidates and clients. I advise my team to act as investigators throughout the search process in order to uncover talent they wouldn’t otherwise have found. Talk to people in-person at networking events, join an industry-related blogging portal and remember to build your businesses beyond LinkedIn. If you invest the time and energy into some of these avenues for sourcing candidates, you’ll be sure to get the talent you need for every position.

What are some avenues or search techniques you use to find talent to fill jobs? Leave us a comment in the fields below.