You’ve just started a shiny new job. The sky’s the limit! But how do you turn a job into a successful career? You’re wondering how to get promoted. Here are some tactics I live by.

Do what others will not do.

Learn and put into practice this one idea and it can change every aspect of your life. Everyone who asks for my advice on how to get a promotion knows that I whole-heartedly believe in putting in extra effort to succeed. If you are given some new task or some new concept to learn, own it.

Always look for opportunities to lead.

But ensure you are also gaining the trust, not only of your bosses, but of your coworkers. Be the person that volunteers for projects, such as stepping up to mentor or improve departmental processes. When promotion time comes, management will look for people who demonstrate leadership qualities. Finding opportunities to lead prior to that promotion will give them a glimpse into your future capabilities and aptitudes.

Become a student of your profession.

There’s endless power in learning your company’s business, beyond just your role. Talk to those in other departments. Also, know your company’s competitors – and how you rate against them.

The list on how to get a promotion at work is endless. But I found that these three tactics were key to my career advancement.

Early on in my career, I had been vying for a job at a top company for months. Finally, I got the call only to find out the position was well below the one I had applied for. But I took the job. I put my head down and worked tirelessly to learn. About three months in, I developed a testing method that greatly reduced the time required to perform a task. It resulted in a tremendous annual savings to the company’s bottom line. Soon after, I was invited to apply as the manager of another business division and won the promotion!

Have you used any of these promotion strategies? Which worked for you?