In today’s candidate-driven HR market, especially with the Gig Economy fast approaching critical mass, employers are utilizing contractors on a more frequent basis to:

  • Keep overhead low and productivity high.
  • Quickly fill anticipated or unexpected talent gaps.
  • Explore contract-to-hire engagements to find the right fits before hiring.

There is a new reason at play today, and it’s a big one:

  • Maintain broad and steady access to the best available talent.

Professionals are shifting away from traditional employment to the freedom and flexibility of independent work status. Companies that bypass them are facing unnecessary talent shortages.

More choices are big benefits of hiring HR contract workers

Companies that dip into the growing universe of independent contractors are able to move on a dime with the right talent in place at the right time. As mentioned, it keeps the doors open to a pool of skilled professionals who may otherwise be out of reach.

For example, outsourcing and interim hiring give you access to tenured, deeply experienced HR professionals who, rather than retire, have chosen to remain in the workforce on a contract basis. You also gain access to younger, decidedly independent professionals with several years of experience, relevant education and second-nature aptitude for flourishing in IT environments.

Do they really have the HR chops you need?

HR leaders are successfully outsourcing high-level functions in critical areas, such as reporting and employee data analytics, payroll and benefits administration, training and development, program and process development, talent recruiting and management, HR consulting of all types, and interim jobs that are performed on-site.

According to payments and commerce trends specialist, in their Q4 2018 Gig Economy IndexTM, the rate of contract workers with specialized skills mirrored worker participation in the Gig Economy at more than 32 percent – up 12 percent over the previous quarter. These trends foretell a Gig Economy projected to grow to around $2.7 trillion by 2025.

Stay close to a recruiter who specializes in HR contract services  

With contractors in such high demand, how do you reach and retain the best candidates before someone beats you to the draw? How do you find those who are interested in a contract-to-hire position?

An HR Contract recruitment specialist is your greatest competitive advantage – and your safety net as the Gig Economy continues to grow. At Lucas Group, we maintain a nationwide network of skilled contractors who are vetted with the same rigorous processes we use when filling permanent HR positions. We minimize your time investment and hiring risks, while ensuring your timely access to the right professionals. We even go so far as to match companies and contractors based on culture, operating style, and expectations, including compensation rates, and we provide health insurance and benefits to our contractors to retain the best available talent.

Considering the benefits of HR outsourcing? Contact us today. We work locally and nationally to deliver contract talent that drives exceptional performance.