Which type of person are you?

Richard Branson, Oprah, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos and many others could have retired years ago but choose not to because they love what they do.

When you’re passionate about your job, you stay late working on the big client project, jump on an emergency call on a Sunday afternoon, and put in extra time mentoring your team. It’s not because you’re “married to the office” or lack work-life boundaries. It’s because you genuinely enjoy what you do and are excited to tackle new challenges.

If you’re like many mid-career professionals, perhaps you once put yourself in the “love my job and will never retire” category but are now at a crossroads. You don’t have the same passion and enthusiasm for your work that you once did. One of these three scenarios may be the culprit:

  1. Ready for upper management but limited promotion pathways. You’re ready to break into the C-suite but current company leadership is staying put.
  2. Love your field but don’t love your current projects or clients. You’re stuck with a project or client that’s killed your passion for the job.
  3. Rethinking your professional goals. You’re searching for work that’s more meaningful or challenging.


Recovering Your Professional Passion

It’s never too late to recover the passion you once felt for your job. Of course, navigating a mid-career change can be tricky since discretion is key. You don’t want to tip off your supervisor that you’re considering new opportunities until you have your next step lined up. Depending on which scenario is closest to your needs, consider the following:

“I’m ready for an executive leadership position.”

If you’ve been in the same position for three years or longer and feel like you’re no longer learning new skills, it’s time to take control of your professional trajectory. Since C-suite openings at other companies are not publicly posted, a recruiter help connect you with companies that are searching for your specific skill set and experience– and have a promotional pathway to the top.

“I’m ready for new projects or clients.”

Before jumping ship, consider if this is just a temporary period and by keeping your head down you’ll come out stronger on the other side. If it’s not possible to transition to new projects or clients who are a better fit, an executive recruiter will know which companies are looking to hire, which skill sets and experiences are most in demand, and how much companies are willing to pay for top talent.

“I ready to try something completely different.”

If you’re ready for a total reinvention but don’t know anyone in your desired industry, breaking in can be tough. Consider a “bridge job” where you apply your current skills, like finance or marketing, to the new industry. Once you’re in with a new company, it may be easier to transition laterally. A recruiter can help by providing market intelligence and insight into the right companies to support your transition.


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Authored by: Peter Keseric