A good connector is someone who enjoys and is skilled at designing, establishing and cultivating reciprocal and beneficial relationships. At Lucas Group, we take pride in our position of “catalyst” and our central role as the bridge between clients and candidates. Being an effective connector is an essential quality that we look for in our recruiters. Knowing how to connect people, whether for networking purposes or for potential new hires, or with good candidates is a skill that all of our current Lucas Group Associates (our recruiters) have.

Today, being a connector in recruiting is easier than ever before with the rise of social media sites—LinkedIn and Twitter in particular. Social media has allowed recruiters to search a database of contacts for keywords relevant to a client and open position. Once seemingly qualified candidates have been identified, recruiters can reach out to them in a time-efficient way to see if they would be interested before moving forward. It also allows recruiters to target executives and network with them to truly be a consultant and bring in more clients as well. Twitter also is a great way to be connected to a broad range of people, receive their valuable tips, see trends in your industry and also put forth good information in an effort to be viewed as an insightful connection.

Additionally, building your own broad range of contacts and managing them (meaning, keeping contact information up-to-date) is a necessary part of it. This way, you have relevant people in your network to source for various job openings. An organized contact list with notes on everything from personality types to professional interests and more can be an effective tool in connecting the right individual with the right company and company culture.

The way we are structured at Lucas Group makes it easier to be connected to your network and be an expert in your professional category. Lucas Group employees work within one industry — HR, for example — which we have found makes being a connector more efficient with a large, but focused go-to network.

“Connector” is one of the 8 Cs of a Lucas Group Associate. Learn more about the others here: confident, conscientious, communicatorcompelling, competitive, community and coachable.