I have a friend who loves playing matchmaker. The only trouble is she’s not very good at it. Once she hears two people have one shared trait or experience—they live in the same city, they cheer for the same sports team or maybe they’re just both single—she thinks they will be a perfect match. “They should meet!” she’ll insist as we all shake our heads. This is, of course, not how it works. One shared experience does not make the perfect match, but as an Executive Recruiter, I think about my well-meaning friend and her misguided pairings often.

Recruiting, like matchmaking, is one of those jobs that probably looks easy from the outside. You build relationships with employers and candidates, and then faster than that “Matchmaker” song from Fiddler on the Roof can get stuck in your head, you just put those two parties together. And voila! Instant success story!

What recruiters and modern-day singles will tell you is that in the digital age, making the right connection at the right time takes effort, strategy and practice. And without these things, you can find yourself endlessly sifting—or swiping—through the wrong candidates.

Cutting Through the Noise

Unfortunately, when it comes to dating, my advice is limited. But a surefire way to source a candidate for the open role in your company? Here’s where I can help. My first piece of advice would be don’t rely too heavily on your digital tools to attract talent. Whether it’s your company’s website or the digital ads your placing, passive digital resources are just that—passive and broad signals to candidates.

But these signals tend to bring in anything and everything, including loads of unqualified candidates who might be more interested in getting their foot in the door than actually doing the work. Leaving you with piles of resumes to sift through in the hopes of finding a quality candidate.

It’s easy to be lured by tools for automating your hiring, and it’s important to have a digital presence, of course. But with an Executive Recruiter, you’re gaining an active and strategic pipeline for talent. Executive Recruiters tap into their networks and do the legwork to hunt down a handful of qualified, interested candidates. Saving you the needle-in-a-haystack searching and the administrative waste that goes with it.

Insider Knowledge

Maybe you’re ahead of the game when it comes to attracting talent and you’ve gone one step further, hiring a talent acquisition team for your company. In-house recruiters can be incredibly successful at placing some roles. But there are other roles—executive and leadership positions—where you need to be able uncover a deeper knowledge of industry or skills.

The right hire in a pivotal role can increase profitability and growth, and an Executive Recruiter’s job is to identify the right person to fill those critical roles, in part, through industry knowledge. At Lucas Group, our Recruiting teams specialize in industries and skills sets so that we can tap into both our rich network of relationships and our insider knowledge of everything from marketing and advertising to manufacturing employees and anything in between. This industry specialization means we can more easily pick out what separates the real McCoy from someone who talks a good (but superficial) game.

To put it simply, there are some things automation and generalists just can’t accomplish. And that’s where Executive Recruiters come in. We’re the perfect professional matchmaker (pun intended) for those hard-to-place and pivotal roles.

Have you considered working with an Executive Recruiter to help you fill pivotal roles? We want to hear your stories in the comments below.