Like today’s evolving job market, the world of recruiting changes every day. There’s never a dull moment as an executive recruiter and contract – or short-term – employment opportunities are on the rise. Whether job seekers are looking for a three-or 12-month gig or a contract-to-hire opportunity, a recruiting firm can help them do just that.

With a contract job placement, the recruiter must take an additional, necessary step in the hiring process — handling all of the administrative tasks that an employer takes care of after bringing on a new employee. They need to manage the employee onboarding paperwork, payroll, taxes, insurance and benefits, compliance issues and more. At Lucas Group, we handle these processes internally. We also are proud to offer full health insurance and benefit offerings to all of our temporary employees.

What is Contract Employment?

The term contract employment (also known as contract staffing or a temporary job or position) refers to an employment arrangement where an individual works for one company but is actually an employee of a recruiting firm for a specified period of time or to complete a specific task at a set pay rate.

With contract employment, there are typically three components:

  1. The client company. The client has the temporary employment position that needs to be filled. This job is often tied to a specific project or task with a set deadline.
  2. The job candidate. Often referred to as the contract employee, this is the individual who will fill the needed employment role.
  3. The recruiting/staffing firm. During the placement of the contract employee, the recruiting firm becomes the legal W-2 employer of record for the job candidate and handles all of the new hire administrative duties. At Lucas Group, we handle all of these tasks in-house.

Benefits of Finding a Contract Position through an Executive Recruiter

There are several benefits of using an executive recruiting firm to find contract positions. First of all, there is no cost to the job seeker to use a professional hiring agency to help them to find a temporary job placement.

An executive recruiting firm can also help you to find exactly what you need, whether it’s a project-based role, temporary, seasonal or temp-to-hire job. They will match your specific skill set to the available positions to ensure that you land the best job for you. Our executive recruiters take the same thorough approach for shorter-term job candidates as they do for permanent professional job seekers and will be your trusted consultant throughout the entire process. From evaluating your resume and talking through your exact needs to contacting the right hiring companies and ensuring all necessary paperwork is accurate and ready-to-go, they will have your back the whole time.

Do you think you could benefit from speaking to someone in our contract division? Let us know.