There are several situations in which individuals should consider “jumping ship,” even if they’re tenured with their current company.

Throughout my time as a recruiter with Lucas Group, I have encountered professionals at every stage of their careers. From entry-level to close to retirement, and mid-level managers who may be in need of a change, I understand the various stages in one’s career. Oftentimes, I work with tenured employees who have been with the same company or possibly two companies for many years. While there is much to be said for the loyal employee versus a “job hopper,” there are several instances in which I believe an individual should consider “jumping ship.”

  1. No upward mobility. If you’ve hit the ceiling at the your current company, and there’s no where to grow, it may be time to consider another opportunity. Likewise if you’ve been waiting for those above your position to leave or retire, you could be waiting indefinitely or miss your shot at career advancement all together.
  2. Compensation. We all know it’s tough to negotiate more money out of your current employer. Moving to another company, especially a competitor, can often be a lucrative decision as other companies may want you badly enough to pay your top line.
  3. Diversification. As a professional, it’s important to diversify your experience. Work for different leadership styles. Gain experience at both large companies and small. Become flexible in order to be adaptable in any work environment.

Making a job change can be daunting, especially if you’re tenured in your current role. However, if you find that you fit into one of the above categories, it may be time to branch out and seek a new position or employer.
Have you recently made a transition? Are you considering jumping ship to advance to the next level of your career? We want to hear your stories—good and bad! Leave your comments in the fields below.