Most full-time American employees report working an average of 47 hours per week, according to a Gallup study. Unfortunately, long work hours have been linked to health problems, stress, and even low productivity. It’s no wonder more people are seeking careers with the best work life balance!

I believe that you get what you put into your career. Personally, being able to control my work schedule – and work hours – helps me deliver my best.

Below, I’ve rounded up three careers with the best work life balance options.

1. Executive Recruiting offers remarkable flexibility, as the two most important tools in recruiting are a phone and laptop. Despite all the advances in technology, many of the best connections are made over the phone. I prefer to work longer hours, and even put in weekends at the office when required. But a recent family medical issue has made me realize how fortunate I am to have the option of working remotely when needed.

2. Marketing ranks among the best work life balance careers. With new technology, it’s possible to work in marketing from anywhere in the world. Flexibility saves people commute time and more opportunities to balance a hectic workday with family and other interests.

3. Sales is one career that cannot be effectively conducted behind a desk from 9 to 5! In fact, I’m observing that more mid to senior-level sales professionals are successful when they have balance in their lives.

Recently, a senior-level candidate asked my client for a work-from-home option two days a week, to avoid a long commute. The employer wasn’t fazed by the request. In fact, more workplaces are coming around to the idea that working extended hours doesn’t necessarily translate to more productivity.

What if you’re exploring a career with better balance at a company that usually doesn’t offer much flexibility? Prove yourself first and deliver results when you are at the office. Once the company is able to trust you, there’s more room to negotiate your own schedule.

Do you agree with my top three choices? What are yours?