An effective career counselor can play a vital role in helping you to make important professional decisions. As Vice President of Human Resources for Lucas Group, I work with more than 400 associates nationwide to provide consultative career advice and guidance to ensure they are on a track toward growth and success. I realize the immense benefit that mentors and career counselors offer, and I have compiled a list of potential career counseling interview questions below.

Top Questions to Ask a Career Counselor

  • Based on where I am currently in my career, how can I best plan to get to where I want to be?

Career counselors can help you evaluate your current situation and offer advice on how to reach your professional goals. This could include gaining exposure in your current role, finding developmental opportunities to increase your sphere of influence or identifying opportunities that will demonstrate your value and leadership abilities within your organization.

  • Looking at my current skill set, what are some opportunities to best leverage those skills? Also, what skills do I need to improve upon?

Self-reflection is important when considering a career change or move. You need to do an honest assessment of your skill set in order to determine where your strengths and weaknesses are. Career counselors can then help list and prioritize these strengths and weaknesses and offer suggestions for building your skill set and relevant transferable skills.

  • How can I build and leverage my network in order to advance my career?

Whether you’re currently employed or are looking for an opportunity, you can always find ways to use and increase your network. From attending seminars and conferences to joining professional organizations within the industry in which you’re interested, there are a number of ways for you to broaden your circle and use those connections to reach your career goals.

  • What advice do you wish you were given earlier in your career?

Working with a recruiter can be the fastest shortcut to finding the ideal opportunities you need to grow and advance professionally and personally. At Lucas Group, our expert recruiters are here to assist candidates in finding exceptional positions that highlight their strengths and put them on a trajectory toward success.

Do you have questions about your career? Have you thought about working with a recruiter? Leave a comment in the fields below.