Whether you’re at the pinnacle of your profession, striving toward the next level of seniority at your current organization or actively pursuing a new position, Human Resources can play a pivotal role in your career succession. In today’s dynamic marketplace, where digital citizenship, company culture and mentorship opportunities are key to employee engagement, HR’s role has shifted from a tactical-focused function to an employee partnership role. It is a partnership that extends beyond benefit claims, wellness programs, or the occasional employee relations issue.

It is a partnership that can serve as an asset to you, the employee. As an HR recruiting executive, I have seen the true value that aggregates from these successful partnerships. When collaboration melds between the hiring force of the organization and its employees, there is potential for dynamic career progression. Effective relationships form the foundation for promotion, job satisfaction and goal achievement.

While we understand that HR can serve as an asset, you may ask, “what does the department do to truly affect my career?”

In a two-part series, I will share insight on how a successful partnership with HR executives will pave the path for professional growth and provide strategies that will guide you on this journey.

Meet the Human Resources Team – Have you established yourself within the organization, and are you recognized as a strong performer? Reach out to the HR team, market yourself and create awareness among the business partners that support both your efforts and those of other business units within the company. HR works directly with the executive management team, understands the needs of business managers, and is responsible for finding the talent required to drive profitable revenue. You are a key component of that driving force – collaborate with HR and establish yourself as a valuable and reliable partner.

Market Yourself Internally – To be successful, you must set yourself apart. Define and articulate your personal brand, package your key attributes and showcase them by presenting your value internally. Work with both your manager and Human Resources – they have invested significant capital in you and want you to succeed. Your success leverages your position within the company and in turn facilitates the company’s growth.

In my next post, I’ll discuss how verbalizing your career goals and maintaining a strong partnership with the Human Resources Department will serve to influence your career progression.

How do you partner with HR to market yourself and help drive your own career?