Work-Life Balance. It is a phrase so deeply ingrained in our lives that our focus has shifted from creating a rewarding life to that of a perfectly compartmentalized existence. We seek to segment our waking and working hours, and time spent with our family and friends in eager expectation that our career progression will align with our envisioned life trajectory. From industry professionals to candidates entering a career search, the importance of developing and maintaining a work-life balance is a significant priority.

And for women in the workplace, this is no different.

As an executive recruiter with more than 15 years’ experience in the Accounting and Finance industry, I understand that the personal-professional equilibrium is at the heart of every job search. With countless articles circling the web, including tips on how to secure an executive position while building a nurturing home environment, professional women continue in their pursuit of balance. But the crux of this search lies not in segmenting each area of one’s life, but rather in creating one, full life.

A state of balance is temporal, giving way to the act of moving forward and gaining momentum.

Rather than delegating life into distinct silos – work, family, play – integrate these areas to create an all-encompassing life. As a working professional and mother of two children, I find greater reward and success in maintaining a flexible career. For example, stepping away from the dinner table to answer a work-related issue also means having the option to attend my child’s athletic competition during the day.

Through this understanding, listed below are my recommendations for creating one, full life:

Prioritize Your Goals – Determine the areas in your life that you believe are most important on a professional and personal front. Focus on how to achieve these goals without compromising other areas of your life and embrace the idea that your goals will shift and require a new course of action. Remain focused on the path and keeping moving forward in the direction of your goals.

Stamp out Perfectionism – Chasing perfectionism will not lead to a fulfilled life in the office or at home. In fact, it will render the opposite results entirely. Spending too much time focused on the minor details makes us less effective and leads to inefficiency as we ultimately lose sight of the bigger picture. Take risks and engage in ventures that stretch your imagination and push your limits – it will maintain your momentum.

Professional and personal accomplishments can be greater with the understanding that flexibility is a key driver of productivity. Carving pieces of our lives into perfectly portioned segments is unrealistic and enables stagnation. I encourage you to build a full, all-encompassing life – shift the momentum, strive toward your career goals and lead a life at home worth living.

I welcome your feedback and would like to hear whether you have made a transition from work-life balance to that of one, full life.