Successful leaders all possess three critical traits that have molded them into the professionals they are.

Successful leaders all possess a number of important qualities that have made them the professionals they are. From integrity to trustworthiness, likability to management style, there are many factors that go into being a successful leader. However, in my time as a recruiter and manager, I’ve noticed that there are three traits in particular that virtually all leaders possess:

1. Approachability

To connect with employees and teams, leaders must be approachable and be able to form deep, professional relationships with individuals of any level. Likewise, leaders should also be good listeners, taking the needs of employees into consideration and demonstrating to them that you truly care about them and their professional development. By recognizing their value and treating them with respect, you will be able to form better connections, which will lead to success down the road.

2. Vision

Successful leaders must have a clear vision and mission and be able to articulate these to a team. When there is a defined goal(s) to reach, it’s easier for your employees to take specific steps to reach those objectives. Similarly, you want everyone to rally behind a common goal to form a sense of camaraderie in order to achieve your business objectives.

3. Humility

Truly great leaders realize that you need your people more than your people need you. Strong managers should be able to drive results without losing sense of purpose and meaning with your employees. Decisions should be made with consideration to your team and not in spite of them. If you focus on the people around you who helped you get to where you are, you’ll reach higher levels of success.

Leaders and managers constantly strive for greatness, and while there is always room for improvement, I’ve seen that these three qualities are staples in the personality of a successful leader.

What qualities do you consider important as a leader? Share with us below.