Providing constructive feedback is a skill that mangers are consistently working to improve upon.

Providing constructive feedback is a skill that mangers are consistently working to improve upon. In my 18 years of recruiting, I’ve developed a checklist of how to give good feedback that will yield results and help my team develop personally and professionally.

  • The first thing to keep in mind is how and where you are talking to the individual. Choosing a private setting versus an open forum would be more effective than providing constructive feedback amongst their peers.
  • Have open dialogue and open discussion with them and show empathy to understand why they were doing a particular action or behavior. Watch your tone as not to sound condescending or as you are raising your voice at them. Foster two-way conversation to get a better idea for the individual’s intentions in their actions.
  • Keep the conversation as positive as possible with forward thinking ideas. Focus on a specific behavior or moment, rather than a personality trait, and give options for how to correct it and move forward. Tie the conversation to a particular observation.
  • Be clear and concise on how to solve the problem. By having a specific method to fix the issue, the individual will be more likely to change his or her behavior.
  • Give the individual time to digest what you’ve suggested. Change won’t happen overnight, but with ample and realistic time, they can modify their behavior to become a more valuable part of the team.
  • Follow up. After giving them time to process the problem and solution, follow up with them to see if things have changed.

Giving constructive feedback is a crucial component to being a good boss and building a good team. While I’m constantly striving to improve my skills as a manager, this checklist has helped me to take steps in improving my management style.

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