Ready, Aim, Hire

Think back to your last corporate team building activity: did you spend an afternoon at the climbing gym or a morning practicing trust falls? As every manager knows, corporate team building is easier said than done. A day of fun may be a nice break from business, but team building activities are not a solution for poor communication or a lack of cooperation.

From my early work in politics to my current role overseeing my firm’s Human Resources department, I am reminded every day that building strong teams starts with recruiting the right team members – people who are a natural fit for an organization’s culture.

From the initial recruitment process through the first days of work, these three corporate team building strategies will help you assemble a stronger, more cohesive organization.

Assess your specific team needs.
Do you need a “doer” or a “builder”? Who has the potential for upward or lateral mobility at your company? How does each individual contribute to team development? The answers to these three questions will help you better identify your team’s current strengths and weaknesses so you can recruit the right new hire to fill the gaps.

Balance skills and personalities.
Great technical skills will only take your recruits so far; they also need to have great interpersonal skills that will mesh well with your existing team members. Team players are able to share credit with others while simultaneously excelling as talented, individual contributors.

Integrate new team members into the company culture with employee sponsorship.
Now that you’ve recruited some great talent, it’s time for that talent to unite into a team. Employee sponsorship is one of the most effective tactics for quickly integrating new employees into company culture. With employee sponsorship, your new employees will understand the big picture and how they fit into the company from day one. At the same time, the employee sponsor feels like a valued member of your company, nurturing a strong community.

What team building strategies does your business use to recruit and integrate new employees into your company’s corporate culture? As we continue to hire and grow, I welcome your ideas.