At Lucas Group, employee training is thorough and meticulous. Just as our recruiting methodologies are proven and sophisticated, so is our employee training process. As the premier executive recruiting firm in North America, we take great pride in the process we have implemented for new hire training and are constantly working to improve and expand it. Providing the industry’s most extensive onboarding process, our new employee training includes sales playbooks, thought leadership initiatives and mentoring with veteran recruiters.

Lucas Group’s training process begins with a highly regimented 30-day, 28-point onboarding process at both our corporate headquarters in Atlanta and at individual home offices. Our training coordinators then utilize 12 training modules that teach best practices in everything from psychology of the recruitment process to integrating technology. We position our new hires for success both in executive recruiting and at our firm, equipping them with all the resources necessary to thrive and achieve.

While Lucas Group provides the best in-depth training and ongoing support and education in recruiting, I also believe new hires should come on board with a certain level of personal accountability. In order to hit the ground running and thrive in this commissioned career role, preparation, time management and planning are critical! Failing to do so can cause you to miss crucial opportunities or fall short or reaching your full potential. From there, a genuine desire to succeed will be the key to your success!

In executive recruiting, you should constantly be planting seeds and cultivating new and existing relationships in order to make strategic, long-term placements that benefit you, your client and your candidates. As a relationship-driven business, building your network can be paramount to your success and help you make consistent, long-term placements. If you possess these character traits and can utilize the tools provided to you, you will see yourself grow and advance within Lucas Group and our industry.

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