Community is at the heart of everything I do personally and professionally. In business as well as life, the successful communities to which any of us belong share a purpose, a common goal. They are bigger than any one individual, and yet at the same time, each individual is treated with the utmost respect.

At Lucas Group, we truly want to make an impact. We want to place the ideal person. Whether I can attract the person or someone else on my team finds the person, we work together to do the best for our client. This attitude of being in it for each other comes from the top down at Lucas Group. President and CEO Andi Jennings’ sees the company culture as being like an extended family, where people genuinely care for one another. That kind of leadership trickles down to everyone who works here and is evident to our clients and candidates, as well.

A community builder takes the time to do extra work because it’s the right thing to do. It’s about connecting and building relationships. I’ll always help someone with their résumé because I genuinely want that person to succeed in their job search, even if they don’t get placed with one of my clients. People respond to that kind of integrity. The biggest deal I ever did placing a real rock star candidate was the result of a referral I received from someone who thought I went above and beyond.

I’ve stayed at Lucas Group 25 years to build a community that is committed to the growth of its people. Whether you are a candidate or a client seeking just the right candidate, keep the following qualities in mind during your next interview.

Community builders

  • May have successfully built a community from the ground up
  • Partner with others to strengthen an existing community
  • Listen, ask open-ended questions, and build relationships with new people by following up and continuing a conversation
  • Can share anecdotes about how they’ve made an impact on others in small and large ways

What is a Community Builder

Lucas Group definition:

A community builder exhibits a desire and drive for something bigger than one’s self. At Lucas Group, we share a purpose and we identify ourselves as working individually and together toward a common goal.

Traits of a Community Builder

  • Respects others’ goals and the goals of the larger organization
  • Expresses a desire to be part of something special
  • Cites examples of a desire to belong
  • Shares that a true sense of belonging and being on a team is important
  • Considers the success of the group or the team above that of the individual

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