Three Smart Hiring Strategies

Smart employers are taking note of an increasingly evident hiring trend: as candidates drive today’s job market, more and more job seekers are fielding multiple offers. My role as an executive recruiter has given me a first-hand view of the changing terrain of the career search. Consistently, I see that managers who are informed about the market and aggressive in their talent search are winning top talent. Recruiters can be valuable partners in your hiring strategy: we know what drives candidates on the market. Additionally, we’re are often aware of other potential offers, and perhaps know what your competition is bringing to the bargaining table.

Use these industry insights to your advantage! Give your talent acquisition an edge with these three hiring strategies.

Efficient interviewing is good for business.
Increasingly, employers are interviewing quickly and making offers early. If you are serious about hiring standout talent, streamline your interview process. Companies that drag their feet, let too much time elapse between interviews, and require too many meetings before making an offer give the competition the benefit of time. On the other hand, when employers make their hiring decisions efficiently, early offers may tempt candidates to make a deal.

You get what you pay for.
Such a straightforward point might seem self-evident – but repeatedly, I see employers naively seeking top-notch talent with unexceptional compensation packages. If you find a candidate who is perfect for the role, you need to make an offer that’s head turning, not just competitive. When it comes to great candidates, never assume that your offer is the only one on the table. Consider whether spending more in the near term on baseline salary, bonuses, or perks and benefits might bring the company greater value in the long run.

Employment branding is more than a mission statement.
Increasingly, candidates are prioritizing work-life balance and a positive corporate culture. They won’t be dazzled by a flashy website and sleek office lobby – they want to see how your company’s values are genuinely reflected in its social and professional climate. You need to know why your organization is a great place to work, and reflect that knowledge in your employment brand. Throughout the interview process, show candidates why your office has a positive, vibrant culture. Describe perks and opportunities for professional development. Help the candidate see why he or she would be a fantastic fit with your organization.

Today’s candidate-driven market can be a challenge to employers. The good news, though, is that there is so much great talent out there. Adjust your hiring strategies to reflect the times, and you’ll attract the superstars and build the value of your workforce.

How does your organization navigate the candidate-driven market? What adjustments have you made to your hiring process?