The interview is the most important piece of the job search puzzle. It’s an organization’s opportunity to get to know potential candidates and find the perfect professional for the position you want to fill. Likewise, it’s the candidate’s chance to determine whether or not the company and role is a good match personally, professionally and financially.

From the hiring manager’s perspective, it’s crucial to choose the right interviewer when outlining the job search process for candidates. Picking the right person or people to conduct interviews can help you land the ideal candidate you’re seeking to help drive business and results. Likewise, a bad interviewer can scare off the best candidates, leaving you with a pool of less-than-ideal talent to fulfill your staffing needs.

In choosing who will conduct interviews, be sure to find someone who has a positive outlook not only on the company but also on life in general. You want someone who you can trust whose perceptions of the position align with the potential candidate’s direct supervisor. The interviewer should also be able to articulate the position and responsibilities accurately without over- or under-selling the job. From the candidate’s perspective, the interviewer is the first glimpse into the company’s culture. For many individuals, culture is supreme to numerous other job factors, and the wrong interviewer can make a job unappealing or turn off candidates.

In my experience in IT recruiting, I’ve seen a number of companies miss out on exceptional candidates and have seen many candidates walk away from perfect opportunities because the interviewer was not the best choice to use as the “face” of the company. I coach my clients to carefully and strategically choose who conducts interviews, especially for manager and above positions, in order to ensure you land the candidate you want and need who can assist you in reaching your goals and objectives.

Have you had an interview go badly because of the interviewer? Or are you a hiring manager faced with choosing who will conduct in-house interviews? We want to hear from you in the comments below.