“We hire heroes!” or “We hire vets!” are common phrases employers often face as they consider hiring military personnel for positions within their organizations. Today’s society has made hiring military veterans nearly an act of benevolence or sometimes even of charity. But the real focus should be on why it’s highly beneficial to hire top caliber military candidates, how they can add tremendous value to your organization, and how the skills sets they bring can drive your business objectives and improve your profits. While many employers look at hiring military personnel as an act of patriotism, the bottom line is that recruiting veterans is a smart business move.

At the risk of borrowing from Wall Street’s famous speech by Gordon Gekko, “Greed is good,” why should you be greedy and hire military candidates? Here are the top four reasons:

Leadership Skills

Military candidates are some of the most highly-trained, skilled leaders in the market. By the age of 22, many of these men and women are leading groups of 40-50 military personnel, and by the age of 27-28, they are often in charge of more people than their counterparts in the private sector will ever manage. These leadership roles and positions prepare military candidates to be better managers and leaders within your organization as well as give them the potential for long-term career growth and advancement with your company.

“Get it Done” Attitude

Military candidates are used to getting the job done and doing it right. They don’t fail because failure is not an option. Their determination and grit is uncommon and unparalleled with their competition in the private sector. Once in a civilian career, this “get it done” attitude will help your organization meet and exceed goals and objectives and keep your company on a track record toward growth and success.

Drive for Success

Many Lucas Group military candidates come from leading military academies where they exceled at the top of their classes and went on to thrive in higher education and later in combat zones. These exceptional men and women would be in the top 5% of any civilian field and have an unwavering and unyielding drive for success. This zeal to be the best of the best will only continue to grow at your organization, propelling your team and company forward.

Team Mentality

Military candidates are accustomed to working in teams to achieve common goals. While they’re incredibly independent, they also realize the benefit of teamwork and a collegial culture in order to achieve maximum success.   Military candidates understand how to pull together disparate groups and motivate them to function as a cohesive team in challenging environments.

Military candidates are a dominant force in the job market and represent an incredible talent pool of top performers.

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