Everybody loves to be appreciated for the work they are doing. In a competitive labor market, the distinguishing feature between jobs is often the culture of the workplace. Strong support and consistent recognition are crucial components in creating an environment where your team will feel comfortable and rewarded for their hard work. Yet some managers still have a difficult time with this. The following are some simple employee appreciation tips:

1. Don’t Just Hear Them Out, Listen to What They’re Saying: The number one mantra is to truly take the time to find out what is important to your team and how you can deliver what they need. If they need Alaskan huskies delivering pizza to the office in the summer, feel free to ignore this request. But if they are displaying genuine needs, perhaps asking for more time on a certain project or more flexible work hours- consider what they have to say and try to accommodate them to show them you truly value the work they do for you.

 2. Humans First, Employees Second: Always remember that your employees are human and you must be understanding of their personal issues. Take time out to talk to them and get a feel of who they are as a person. Understanding what motivates an employee at work can give you great insight on what you can do, as a manager, to help them succeed. Making your employees feel valued is one of the best ways to show them your appreciation and it goes a longer way than a coffee shop gift card or cupcakes.

 3. Be a Serious Mentor: Employees want to feel like someone is looking out for them at work. Take being a mentor seriously and engage with your employees in ways that they will find helpful. Help them achieve their career goals and not just the goals you have set out for them.

4. Recognize Successes Publicly, and Failures Privately: Everyone makes mistakes, but no one likes to be corrected in public. You can yell and scream at the person in public and come off as a total jerk or you can take them aside and speak to them privately at what is going wrong and how one can fix it. Mistakes are always an opportunity to learn and grow and a good employee will appreciate you batting for him and affording him an opportunity to fix the problem at hand. Also, when disputes arise, be fair – giving ample opportunity for both sides to be heard and explain your conclusion/decision in a calm, rational manner.

5. Everyday Should Be Employee Appreciation Day: March 6th is Employee Appreciation Day, but why should you limit your celebration to just one day? Show your team some love by doing random acts of appreciation throughout the year! Find out what makes them tick and give it to them. It could be donuts, gift cards, incentives, bonuses, thank you emails from the boss, unicorns…the list is endless!

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