Finding and hiring the perfect employee is never an easy task. It takes time, effort, and some amount of irresponsible snacking. But as excited as you are with a great new hire, you can bet they are also thrilled to move to their new workplace. And as they join their new team, keep this checklist for welcoming new employees in mind so your new hire can tee off and is not awkwardly stuck at the driving range.

1. Have their Desk and Computer Logins Set Up: If you are a new recruit, there is no greater buzzkill than a computer that isn’t set up or a login that doesn’t work. As a manager, you have to make sure the new hire’s desk is set up, computers are functioning and logins provide access, so that your new employee doesn’t feel like you are unprepared to have them as part of your team.

2. First Days Are Tough, Make them Easy: First days are always rough for new hires that find themselves in a new place, with new faces, and new snacks! Ease their transition to your workplace by personalizing their first day and week to reaffirm they made the right decision to pick you. Make them feel special by taking them out to grab lunch or after-work drinks. Ensure that the rest of the team is also available to meet the new hire and get to know him/her. No one likes to feel left out, so make sure your new hire is enveloped in the warm glow of a welcoming team.

3. Who Am I? What Am I doing Here? People assume their new hires know everything about the company because they researched your website for the job interview. However, the company website does not truly reveal “who you are” and what your main focus and vision is. Spend a few days acclimating new employees and giving them an in-depth look at your company’s mission, vision, brand, philosophies and culture.

4. Tell Them What Their First Week (and beyond) Will Look Like: Brief your newest team member on what they should expect in their first week. Schedule personal one on one meetings with their manager to discuss what is expected of them. Without this they do not have a path to embark on. And don’t just stop there; you can help your new hires by giving them a roadmap for their first 30, 90 and 180 days of work, so they have clear direction in which way to proceed. It is much easier to get started when they have some idea of what they are expected to do!

5. Paperwork is Necessary (in small doses, spread out over a week): HR – don’t stuff a bunch of paperwork down a new hire’s throat on their very first day. This can be unwelcoming and is impersonal. Paperwork, at the best of times, can be confusing and when you are a new hire, it could be overwhelming. So, provide the new employee plenty of time and direction to finish the requisite paperwork. Also, make sure you are available to answer all of their questions quickly and appropriately. Moreover, spreading out any paperwork over their first week helps prevent new team members from being overwhelmed.

While these tips offer some ideas on how to welcome a new employee, there is nothing easier to make them feel at home (or in this case, office) than a big friendly smile and a warm greeting!

What tips do you have to make a new employee feel welcome in the workplace? Share them here.