Despite the existence of thousands of seemingly qualified candidates, companies still ask me how to find good employees. They’re deluged with resumes, but they are struggling to find qualified candidates to hire. As a result, job positions go unfilled and companies waste valuable time and resources on unsuccessful recruiting practices.

Is your business struggling to find employees? If so, it’s possible that your hiring process may be the obstacle to finding good employees. Ask yourself the following:

Have I ‘over-automated’ the application process?

When you’re deluged with thousands of resumes, on a purely practical level, job application software not only makes it easier for individuals to apply for open positions, but also makes it easier to track and evaluate these applications. Unfortunately, automation can also take the human element out of the process. Extreme screening rigidity eliminates resumes from all but the most “perfect” candidates. Add enough “yes/no” requirements, and you may end up screening some qualified candidates! Review your screening requirements to ensure you are not losing out on potentially great candidates because the requirements are too rigid.

 Am I looking in the right places?

Not all job boards are created equal. A 2014 Global Recruitment Roundtable survey of 150 recruiters found that LinkedIn delivers the highest quality and quantity of applicants – far ahead of popular job boards like CareerBuilder, Indeed, and Monster. LinkedIn was rated the most effective for sourcing mid-level to senior positions. If your business is still relying on job boards for recruitment, it’s time to re-think this strategy.

Should I work with an executive recruiter?

Executive recruiters bring more than just years of candidate sourcing experience to the table. When you work with an executive recruiter, you’ll also have access to their industry relationships. From my personal experience in Accounting and Finance, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been approached by a client to fill a highly specific position and quickly been able to identify an ideal candidate based on my connections. That candidate might already be employed elsewhere, however, and consequently would not have been aware of my client’s job posting. Thanks to industry relationships, I’m able to reach out to the candidate and connect him or her with my client. While executive recruiters may not be right for every job opening, if you’re having a difficult time finding good employees for high-level positions, a recruiter may be able to give you access to the right people.

 Is your business experiencing difficulty finding the right hires? I invite you to share your biggest challenges to finding good employees below.