What Is Employee Relations?

Employee relations can be tricky. But what is employee relations? Employee relations covers a range of contractual, emotional, physical and practical interactions between employer and employee. That relationship can be based on respect and trust or fear and lack of transparency.

Why Employee Relations Matter

Employee relations can have a huge impact on your workplace culture. In a typical office setting, you’ll find many personality types. Each worker affects the office environment, the level of collaboration between departments, and ultimately, whether the goals and objectives of the organization are met.¬†Positive employee relations help improve morale, reduce conflict and increase productivity.

How to Implement Employee Relations in the Workplace

Any efforts to improve employee relations is an investment in your own organization. When you implement a program to boost employee relations, the following measures are key to success:

  • Communicate, be as clear and transparent as possible.
  • Show recognition to employees for a job well done.
  • Provide constant feedback, both positive and negative.
  • Promote work/life balance.
  • Offer career development opportunities and challenges so team members don’t stagnate and become bored.
  • Do not micromanage, which can undermine a worker’s initiative.
  • Do not play favorites, which is demoralizing and creates tension among workers.

Employee Relations Activities Ideas

So, good employee relations is vital to an organization’s success, but how do you go about it? What are the nuts-and-bolts actions that can turn this notion into reality?

Career-focused activities help employees get ahead and increase their contributions to your organization. These activities can make work interesting and rewarding while reducing turnover and still making a profit.

  • Offer career development by setting up professional development plans.
  • Provide opportunities for job advancement or new openings in a different area of the company. Ambitious employees don’t want to work in the same job for years at a time.
  • Improve communication by holding regular company meetings or monthly one-on-one feedback sessions.
  • Share and grow the company vision by involving employees in goal-setting and collecting ideas from your team.
  • Publicly recognize high achievers, perhaps with a call out at a meeting, a simple handshake and “thanks” or an annual outstanding employee award. This gratifies the employee and inspires others.


Team-building exercises, such as an escape room adventure, pottery painting, bowling, and pool tournaments, present a unique look into the skill sets of your team members and create a sense of community within your organization. In addition, they foster collaboration and teamwork throughout the company.

You can also show you care about your employees by taking such simple steps as:

  • Paying for membership to a health club.
  • Extending paid time off for volunteer opportunities.
  • Granting tuition reimbursement to let employees learn new skills.

These are just a few activities you might want to try. Want other ideas? Ask your employees!


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