Aside from market fluctuations, seasonal differences, and Mother Nature, the future success of your organization rests primarily on the level of engagement of your employees. An engaged employee is inspired by, attracted to, and committed in their convictions to succeed at a company whereby shared values are cultivated and celebrated. Engaged employees invest time and more often than not, go above and beyond the call of duty. Retention strategies are hinged on the notion of effectively engaging employees and keeping them focused for the long-term.

In a series of posts, I will share initiatives that foster employee engagement, and through consistent and dedicated efforts, team cohesion and collaboration will soon follow.

A Culture of Success. Clearly define your vision and align employees with the company’s mission statement to ensure strategic execution. Place these messages throughout the workplace, reiterating their importance. Laying the foundation of what your mission entails allows you to create and support a collaborative culture where employees harness the skills and determination to succeed in the organization.

Mentor to Motivate. Mentoring and coaching your employees is a constant and conscious activity that renders enormous results, to both employee and organization. It is one of the most pivotal exercises in the workplace, yet is often sidelined in today’s fast-paced and deadline-driven marketplace. Not only do mentees value the shared insight, wisdom and institutional knowledge, but as a mentor your leadership skills flourish.

Identifying and defining your vision, and coaching your team to success, are keys to engaging your employees. In my next post, I’ll discuss how to create open communication channels and understand the unique qualities of each employee.