Ah, the notorious exit interview. Many firms require that prior to departing the company, each employee must complete an exit interview with a human resources professional. Some employees will take this to heart and really get into it, divulging anecdotes about their experience at the company, while others may be more reserved and not want to go into too much detail. It is important to let the individual know that you are interested in helping the company to improve and that you hope to get their insight into what may have led to their departure.  Here are 10 key exit interview questions to ask your exiting employee in an attempt to obtain as much constructive feedback as possible.

Exit Interviews Questions to Ask

  • Why are you moving on from the company? 
  • What does your new company offer that drove you to accept their offer? 
  • What did you dislike about the company? And job? 
  • What did you like best about the company? And job? 
  • How was your relationship with your supervisor? 
  • What could your manager have done to improve his or her management style? 
  • Did you have clear goals and understand what was expected of you in your position? 
  • Based on your experience, what do you think it takes to be successful in this role and in this company? 
  • What would make you consider working for this company again down the road? 
  • Do you have any other insights that will help us understand why you are leaving the company or how we can improve?

Exit Interview Tips

During the exit interview, make sure to stay neutral and really listen to what they have to say.  Don’t get defensive in any way (if there’s cause to be) or take things personally.  Try to end your exit interview questions and answers on a good note, regardless of whetherthe employee had constructive feedback or was just plain negative. Tell them thank you and that you’ll use this information towards improving the company, then wish them well.