Do you dream about being part of a gaming studio? In today’s tight talent market, industry experience is no longer a prerequisite for gaming jobs. If you’re genuinely passionate about gaming and have the right technical background, studios may still be interested in interviewing you.

The gaming industry continues to grow at breakneck speed. Mobile gaming revenue is on pace to top $65 billion by 2020, a 66 percent jump over 2016 figures, according to market research firm Newzoo. In Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach, gaming companies are moving fast to hire Engineers, Producers and DevOps specialists.

Hottest Gaming Job Skills 2018

From DevOps Engineers to Developers, mobile gaming studios are looking for new hires with these skills:

  1. Server Side Programming. Server Side C++ developers are the unicorn of the gaming industry. They’re nearly impossible to find and always in demand since they’re key for scaling the game and keeping it from crashing. Server side engineers with five or more years of experience can expect to command salaries upwards of $130,000.


  1. Unity 3D/Game Engine Programming. Developers use a game engine to port video games across platforms like mobile, console, streaming and PC. Some studios opt to build their own engine while other use Unity, Unreal, or CryEngine to handle their heavy lifting. Experience creating basic scripts in C# is an essential requirement at most studios. Candidates with Unity C#/C++ familiarity and experience working for major tech or entertainment giants like Amazon, Riot Games, Disney, and EA are in high demand.


  1. Blockchain. Smaller studios are experimenting with blockchain to underpin multiplayer gaming functionality. As VentureBeat reports, using a decentralized space on blockchain structures significantly reduces overhead, a more cost-effective option than renting expensive developing environments at Amazon or Google. While the use of blockchain for gaming is still in its infancy, this is one skill that may give you an edge over other applicants at smaller studios.


  1. DevOps Engineering. DevOps (Development and Operations) bridges the divide between development groups and IT/network operations, streamlining communication and collaboration. Although there is no formal career track to becoming a DevOps Engineer, some DevOps attributes include the ability to use various open source tools, the ability to code and script, a strong grasp of automation skills, and comfort with incremental code testing and deployment. Ranked by Mashable as the most difficult tech job to fill, especially in markets like Southern California, DevOps skills could put you at the top of a gaming company’s “must hire” list.


  1. Video Game Production. The duties associated with Video Game Producers are similar to producers in the Entertainment industry and Product Managers at online companies. While each studio may slightly vary its responsibilities, in general most Video Game Producers oversee game development. Many specialize in programming, design, art, sound or QA. A Producer also acts as a Project Manager, making sure that games adhere to deliverable timelines and budget.


The right technical skills can land you an interview, but your interpersonal skills will be what land you the job. Be sure to check out my top tips for acing your gaming interview.



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