The right technical skills can land you an interview at a gaming company, but your interpersonal skills will be what land you the job.

The average gaming studio in LA and Irvine is just 20 to 30 people. In such a tight knit group, collaboration is paramount. Expect a rigorous interview process that prioritizes rapport and team fit as much as skills testing.

From being prepared to showcase your skills to dressing the part, here is how to ace your next gaming interview.

What to Expect

When you go in for your gaming interview, you’ll test out the game, meet the engineering team, develop in simulated environments, and whiteboard together. At a gaming studio, you can prepare for the meeting by playing the studio’s recently published titles. At a VR gaming company, you can expect to immerse yourself in Mixed Reality simulations on a VR Headset like HTC Vive or Oculus and offer constructive feedback on your experience.

In an industry that prizes fit as well as skills, the interview is also an important opportunity for you to get a feel for the company and ensure it’s the right match for your professional goals. Be proactive and ask questions to better understand the studio’s culture and day-to-day expectations.

What to Wear

What you choose to wear to the interview is a visual representation of your overall personal brand. Clothing that is ripped, dirty or too causal sends a message that you “can’t be bothered” to take the interview seriously, even if that’s not your intention. Overdressing can be just as bad; it sends a signal that you don’t understand the workplace culture and may not fit in with the team.

Most gaming companies are casual work environments where jeans and t-shirts are acceptable. For your interview, you’ll want to slightly elevate this attire without overdressing. Leave the suit at home and opt for business casual. I generally recommend men wear a pressed button-down shirt and dark slacks or denim jeans along with casual shoes. Women should wear slacks, dark denim jeans, or a knee-length skirt, paired with a sweater or button-down shirt and closed-toe shoes. Don’t overlook smaller details, like ensuring your shoes are clean, your hair is trimmed, your fingernails are clean, and your facial hair is groomed (if applicable). You don’t want poor grooming to distract from your otherwise stellar candidacy.

What to Say

Let your passion for gaming shine through. You can do this by letting your interviewer know why you are interested in working in gaming, why you love their game and how you think you could make the game better. Whether you’re a loyal World of Warcraft follower or watch eSports, studios want to know that being part of the gaming industry is not just a job but also an outgrowth of your personal passion.

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