First of all — congratulations! Comparing job offers and choosing between two jobs or more is a great problem to have. Now you just have to figure out how to compare job offers to come up with the right decision for your professional path. Start by writing down what is most important to you.

Of course, pay and other compensation (factor in regular bonuses, stock options, etc.) will play a big role in your decision. Benefits are also high up on the consideration list when you compare job offers — and not only healthcare but also things like is it a pleasant work environment?

Another important piece is the possibility for advancement. Are there any? If not, are you okay with this position as a stepping-stone for a few years and then job-hunting again? Think about which job will give you the most valuable experience, the richest learning environment or opportunity to make a difference within the company.

Next, what kind of hours would you need to keep at each job? Is it important to you to get home at a certain time or is that not a big deal? Do the hours jive with your commute? Along the same lines, you’ll want to consider the time off — both paid an unpaid leave. If traveling each year is really important to you and your family, this could be a deal maker or breaker.

Other considerations when you compare job offers may be the company culture, reputation and values; the office itself (do you prefer an office or an open floor plan, for instance?); and the level of interest you have in the field/professional category the company falls in.

Once you’ve listed the things that are most important to you, you can write next to each item which job complements those needs. Discuss your conclusion with your spouse or a mentor to get a second or third opinion and help you question anything you may have left out of the decision-making process. From there, you should have your decision!

Have you ever been in the position of deciding between two offers? What factors influenced your decision?

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