Deciding to accept a job offer and change positions is a huge decision that has the potential to impact nearly every aspect of your life. In nine years working as an Executive Recruiter, I have supported hundreds of candidates in achieving their career goals and making successful career moves. In my experience, even before you have received the job offer, if you have done a good job of evaluating the opportunity against your career goals and objectives, you should have a fairly good idea of whether or not you want the job. Once you’ve received a job offer, and even before receiving the job offer, there are two questions I would encourage you to consider before making the decision to take the opportunity or stay put.

Does this align with my personal and professional goals?

Hopefully before you even went on the first interview, you took some time to define what you are looking for in an opportunity. Now that you have had the chance to go through the interview process, how does this opportunity align with your professional goals and your ideal work environment? Ask yourself if this position will allow you to gain the skills necessary to get you closer to your ultimate career goals and if the company culture and financial situation will support the opportunity for you to continue to grow with the company beyond this position. Is the company growing or in a growing industry or are they becoming obsolete? Is their environment a meritocracy or do they make promotions based on tenure? These are all important factors to evaluate which will give you a good idea of what your future might look like with the company.

Likewise, evaluate how the company’s environment, leadership, culture and location align with your values, personal goals and personality. For example, if you thrive in a culture of empowerment and collaboration, does this company’s environment support that? Determine whether or not the opportunity meets those needs. If so, it may be a good time to make a career change, and if not, you may want to hold tight to your current role.

What was my initial gut instinct?

We know ourselves better than anyone else. What was your first reaction to the job offer? Did you immediately want to go for it? Do you now find that you’re trying to talk yourself out of it? In my years as a recruiter, I’ve found that if you’re searching for reasons not to take the job, then it’s probably a smart move for you to go for it. Conversely, if you find yourself trying to talk yourself into a position that looks great on paper but just gave you a bad gut feeling leaving the interview, run in the opposite direction!

At Lucas Group, we support candidates in identifying opportunities that are a good fit—personally, professionally and financially. A good recruiter can help you address these questions and steer you toward career success.

Are you considering making a career move? Or have you recently changed positions or perhaps turned down an opportunity? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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