In my last blog post, I wrote how crucial it is to understand that a Round 2 interview doesn’t mean you got the job already and that you can swagger into the interview unprepared. Like Rocky Balboa, you’ve got to train before the big day so you can knock out the competition and move on to the final round.

Some ways to ace the Round 2 interview include researching the company and the job thoroughly and being able to quantify your past job accomplishments (Eg. I raised sales 20% or reduced wastage by 10% etc.)

Another critical skill a candidate needs to have is to be able to ask the interviewer open-ended questions so that they get talking. It’s a great way to show you are interested in the job and the company.

So what are the type of questions you can ask an interviewer? I usually categorize them as follows:

1. Role-related questions

2. Goal-related questions

3. Candidate-related questions

4. Process questions

Role Related Questions:

These would pertain directly to the position you are interviewing for. You can ask them during the interview to learn more about the job itself and it shows the interviewer you are interested in the role.

  • Why is this position open?
  • Who does this position now?
  • How long have you been looking to fill this post?
  • What are challenges to filling this position?

Goal Related Questions:

The aim of these questions is to find out what the goals are for the position and the department it is housed in.

  • What are your short and long term goals for this position (within first 30, 60, 90, 6months, 1 year)
  • How does this role fit into the bigger picture of the organization?

Candidate Related Questions:

Typically, these are the questions that you might ask at the close of the interview and would indicate your interest in the job.

  • What type of a candidate are you looking for, in terms of skills, personality, culture fit, etc.?
  • How do you feel I’m a fit for the position?
  • Where do you think I may fall short?
  • What can I clarify for you about my previous experience, expectations, goals, etc.?

Process related Questions:

And finally, the process related questions to tie up any loose ends.

  • Am I going to move forward in the process?
  • Is there anything we discussed that you have concerns about?

As an interviewer, are there any other questions you would love to hear candidates ask? Drop us a line here in the comments section below.


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