You’ve just started a shiny new job. The sky’s the limit! But how do you turn a job into a successful career? You’re wondering how to get promoted. Here are some tactics I live by.

How to Get Promoted at Work Tips

  • Do what others will not do.

Learn and put into practice this one idea and it can change every aspect of your life. Everyone who asks for my advice on how to get a promotion knows that I whole-heartedly believe in putting in extra effort to succeed. If you are given some new task or some new concept to learn, own it.

  • Always look for opportunities to lead.

But ensure you are also gaining the trust, not only of your bosses, but of your coworkers. Be the person that volunteers for projects, such as stepping up to mentor or improve departmental processes. When promotion time comes, management will look for people who demonstrate leadership qualities. Finding opportunities to lead prior to that promotion will give them a glimpse into your future capabilities and aptitudes.

  • Become a student of your profession.

There’s endless power in learning your company’s business, beyond just your role. Talk to those in other departments. Also, know your company’s competitors – and how you rate against them.

  • Build Relationships

It has been shown over and over that mentors are hugely beneficial for career advancement. If your company has a mentorship program, you’re already one step ahead. If not, find someone more experienced at your company who you can turn to for guidance. Not only does a mentor provide invaluable advice, he or she will be your champion when you go for the promotion.

Build a rapport with your boss as well. Bond over common interests like sports or music; just be certain to keep it professional by steering clear of discussing personal matters. When it comes to getting promoted, your boss can be your greatest ally or biggest hurdle. It always helps your case when they like and respect you.

  • Get Noticed

You don’t just have to do great work to get promoted, you have to be visible and get recognized for that work. Speak up in meetings, share your ideas, and let your manager know about your accomplishments. If you want to get promoted, don’t shy away from the spotlight.

It’s essential to show that you not only know how to do your current job well but you have vision and ideas for contributing to the company.

  • Ask for the Promotion

Finally, take your fate into your own hands and ask for the promotion. The ideal time to do this is at a formal review. However, if that’s not an option, request a meeting to discuss your performance and future with the company.

Come prepared to lay out your contributions to the company over the last year, providing data wherever possible like sales generated or new accounts closed. State what role you would like and make your case for why you are ready for the increased responsibility.

If you don’t get the promotion, try not to be discouraged. Ask your manager what to improve upon in order to get the promotion and check in regularly to see how they feel that your work is progressing. If there are simply no openings available then keep doing what you’re doing while exploring more senior roles with other companies.

Just remember that there are no shortcuts when it comes to getting a promotion. A sudden increase in job performance is not going to get you where you want to be. Bring your A-game every day.

Have you used any of these promotion strategies? Which worked for you?


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