If you are an active LinkedIn user, you already know what a great resource the site can be in your job. If you keep your page updated and keep up with your connections, you are well-positioned to leverage LinkedIn in your job search.  But if you are transitioning to an active search for a new position, you need to update your profile accordingly. Here are three ways to change your LinkedIn strategy when you are on an active job search.

Job Search Tips for LinkedIn

  1. Punch-up your personal summary. Your LinkedIn summary is the first-place recruiters and potential employers look on your profile.  When you are actively looking, your summary should include and highlight your professional accomplishments. People are more than their job title and when you are in active search mode, you need to clearly show what you’ve done, as well as describe or list all your other selling points.
  2. Update your accomplishments.  Even if your profile lists your current or most recent position, take some time to document what you have done in this role.  Highlight your accomplishments with active verbs. Include quantitative information — numbers stand out to the eye and show you achieved results.   Some examples of the types of numbers to consider adding to your profile are dollars saved or earned, percentage changes in efficiency or responses, and number of customers or constituents reached.
  3. Be generous with key words. Key words are key for making it easier for recruiters to find you. The first place to add key words is to your headline.  After your title, add words that explain your job function or areas of specialization.   One good way to determine what key words ought to be in your headline or summary is to look at the job description for the type of job you want. Ask yourself “What is important to the role?” and “What resonates with my personal brand?”

Just because you have a strong LinkedIn profile, doesn’t mean you can leave it as is when you start an active job search.  The same way you tailor your resume for each application, tailor your profile for your current career goals. And if your goal is to pursue a new position, punching-up your personal summary, updating your accomplishments and being generous with key words will take your job search to the next level.

Authored by: Andrew Ko

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