If you thought you aced every step of the job-application process and then didn’t get the job, you might be pretty perplexed right about now. Here are some reasons why it’s possible that you didn’t get the offer letter saying, “Yes, you’re in!”…

Start by evaluating your interview. There are many ways this could have gone south—showing up late, not wearing professional attire, coming across as more desperate than confident (or the opposite, coming across as overly confident), not jiving with company culture and more. However, there are two common and big interviewing mistakes that candidates often do not realize are key reasons why they didn’t get the offer letter:

1. You spoke badly about your current employer. Sure, you might not be happy for various reasons—you have a “horrible” boss; you feel like you’re slaving away for a pittance of a salary; your coworkers are vicious. Hey, at some point in time during all of our careers, we have been there (those who haven’t are the lucky ones!). BUT that is no reason to badmouth anyone. If you’re not happy in your job, come up with a productive and professional way to convey that. For example, perhaps you can explain about the lack of growth opportunities or how you would thrive better in a more positive work environment  and supportive company culture.

2. You didn’t follow up. Job candidates, this is essential! Follow up with a thank you letter to every single person you interviewed with — from the HR person to your potential future boss. If you met with any key colleagues, you might also consider following up with them- and make sure that there are no typos. Believe it or not, a lot of people do not do this. Doing so will set you apart. Not doing so will likely be frowned upon by your recruiter and potential future employer.

Finally, it could be that you really did do everything very well and you didn’t get the job because it simply was not meant to be, or there was a candidate that was just a little bit better of a fit. There might be another job that you are even more excited about waiting for you just around the corner. Don’t beat yourself up. Learn from any interviewing mistakes, and move on.

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