So many books, so little time. Whether you’re a leader by title or aspiration, there’s no shortage of management consulting books out there promising to help you become better at it. How do you know which are worth spending your money and time on?

Below, I’ve recommended my three go-tos.

I love The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell because it narrows leadership down into real relatable categories. Not only does Maxwell clearly define his laws of leadership, he goes into practical ways to apply them to situations we all face. A must-read for leaders of all experiences!

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey continues to stand the test of time among the best management consulting books of all time. It was the first leadership book I ever read and I go back to read parts of it every year. There are many leadership books and trainers out there that will tell you how to lead, but Covey explains how to be effective with your leadership style and approach. These seven habits not only help you become a better leader but also translate into being a better person.

Good to Great by Jim Collins is based on a study of some of the best-known companies in the world. I recommend it for all leaders because it guides you to self-assess your own drive, motivation, humility and business acumen among other traits a successful leader needs to foster. It challenges you to strive for more and to reach a level of “optimal thinking” that can deliver you to a level of greatness beyond what you thought possible.

While selecting my “must read management books,” these three stood out for me. A worthwhile management book will help you develop your best self and learn the power of influence but also emphasize how everyone wins through effective leadership. While reading widely is crucial to developing your career early on, the real life experience of managing people day-to-day intersected with the knowledge of these books over time for me. I had many “a-ha” moments when I went back to read sections at different stages of my career.

It’s also never too late to read leadership books whether you are a manager, CEO or head of the household. Like me, you’ll likely find that you gain lessons to help you advance in all facets of your life.

Which management consulting books do you live by? Please share your recommendations below!


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